Fast Devil’s Run

today I chose to run one of my favourite road routes, the one I call my Devil’s Run because it is 6.66 miles end to end. 

Unusually today I saw other runners. Even more unusually they overtook me goog up a hill at my one mile mark. However, they had clearly been using me as a target as they slowed down once they were in front of me. After a quarter of a mile right behind them i announced that is run ahead. I didn’t want them feeling uncomfortable with me immediately behind them. 

This made me up my pace but clearly they started using me as a rabbit again. 

My route is quite twisty and they were still behind me at my half way point, at about the same distance. I thought I could only see one of them though. 

On the return route I had to pause to cross traffic and the lady that was there caught up with me. We had a brief chat as we ran up the next half mile of road. She’s a competitive runner who is trying to place in a race this weekend. Her friend had to stop to retie a shoe lace while she kept going; clearly competitive!

I made my excuses and said that I’d drop back a little. I was spent after trying to keep ahead all that time. 

As I ran up the drive I was at 6.64 miles so I continued into the garden to make the ‘magic’ number.  

 As Mapmyrun says, 6.66 miles with a pace of 7:36. Given the first mile pace was closer to 8:41 the rest of the run must have been quite fast! Knackered now. Time to break fast. 


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