Running Longer

After a month of shorter runs due to travel and holidays it was time to up my distance again. 

To get back in the spirit of things I did a ten miler this morning. And guess what? It was bloody freezing again. What is going on? It was 27F with a feel of 20F. I’d already packed away my winter running gear. Oh well. 

Although cold it was beautiful out today. A fresh spring morning with a clear sky and low sun. The bite of the air meant that I needed my ear warmers and neck gaiter when I started out. The warmer came off at mile two but I kept ducking in and out of the neck gaiter as my chin froze when I was running in shades areas. 

All in all I did ten hilly miles with a pace of 8:00 which is reasonable as I haven’t run that far for a while. My legs were still strong at the end of the run and I could have gone longer if I’d prepared more. 


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