A Quickie After Work

A change of work is also a chance to change your exercise habits. To this end I am trying to introduce a Monday evening run to my schedule. 

My office is located right on the Perkiomen River Trail so I took the opportunity to run towards the Lower Perkiomen Valley Park. It is a completely flat 1.75 mile run from the office to the point where the trail meets the Schuylkill River Trail. Given yesterday’s long run, I decided this was enough for a recovery run and turned around. Just a nice quick short run to shake the legs out a bit, and boy, were they tight. Getting moving was quite a labour of love. 

Other strangeness today… Well, getting ready for a run in the work gym changing rooms. It is a long time since I’ve had to change in a shared room and it felt a bit weird. It is strange how quickly you forget what it is like changing with others around. I gave up my gym membership about three years ago as I never used it; the outside is so much nicer even when it is raining. I’m sure I’ll adjust and get used to it again, eventually. 


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