Bike Commute: First Time

Today was my first bike commute to the new office. I had spent the last week stocking up a locker with the items I’ll need so I could ride with the minimum of items. 

I chose to ride my hybrid because there’s rain in the forecast for later and those slightly fatter tyres will help with the hills when it is slick. 

It took a mere eleven minutes to get from home to the office but it was pretty cold out there (32F/0C). This time is slightly faster than driving because there is a queue to turn on to a main road and then a traffic light at a right turn. None of these are really issues on a bike.  The traffic can be sidled past easily on the shoulder and the traffic light is mainly for people coming out of the turn so there’s no cross traffic. 

I have plenty of clothes and supplies at the office so I was able to change and freshen up (no shower as at that temp and distance I barely even ‘warmed up’). 

It was a good but very short ride and is all down hill; at least on the way in! The road surface is crappy from recent sewer upgrades but I can avoid the potholes. Let’s see what the ride home brings. 


2 thoughts on “Bike Commute: First Time

  1. usabaker

    I use to ride my Mt. Bike in to work 18.7 miles each way I had to stop because my wife was struggling with morning traffic so I traded work start time with her which means I can’t leave early because I have to drop my son off at school. Be careful out there, drivers tend not to see you. I envy you being able to do that.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I wear bright colours and lots of flashing lights, plus the roads are all small back roads. Although I can break the speed limit on my way down the hills…


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