Ride and Run

A few updates to catch up with today. Firstly, my ride home on Tuesday was good. All uphill but it only took 15 minutes which is only four minutes longer than the ride in. It is a good workout up the hills but is still a little too short to be sufficient. I’ll have to start adding rides through the park in first. 

Last night I went to visit my trigger point therapist (massage) for the first time in six months as luxuries like that stopped when I didn’t have a job. It was brutal as I expected. My right glute, left calf and my shoulders were all a mess. After an hour of agony I think I’m better off; I certainly feel looser. 

Today, I started with a run. Just under six miles and I chose a route that would go close to my office but on the hills on the other side of the river; I wanted to see just how close I had been running to the place. Amazingly it was really close. I had been looking off into the distance but it was almost directly below me. I could make out individual details on the buildings. Strange how you don’t notice places until they have some significance to you. 

I will be riding to work today as well and using the showers for the first time, so that’ll be different. 


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