Legs of Lead

As I start to crank up my exercise I am finding that my legs are getting heavier each morning. Today’s run was like wading through treacle/molasses (delete as applicable). 

Also, it was 60F this morning – what happened to spring? Suddenly it was warm for my run at six am. I actually sweated properly which means it is time to dig out my Halo bands and hats again after a few months of not using them. 

There were a few deer out today and hardly any traffic. It seems most of the world treats ‘good Friday’ as a holiday even if it isn’t really recognised as an official one in the US. 

My office is mostly empty today as well. That’ll give me sometime to do some setup on my new laptop that arrived yesterday. It is a long time since I had a new windows laptop as the one I used at my old job was over five years old (it worked well enough for the stuff I do with spreadsheets and email). 

This morning I ran 6.5 miles at a slow 8:24 pace and then went for breakfast with my family. After that I rode to work. 

If we leave work early today then I’ll go and do a longer bike ride for the way home. Assuming it isn’t drizzling at the time… 

Also this week I signed up for my companies health plan and Virgin pulse program. I have connected this to the ‘moves’ app that I run on my phone to collect the steps I take each day. I’ll have to wait and see what this does to my phone’s battery. But it seems to be working okay so far and is giving me credit for all the running and walking automatically. 


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