Eggsactly What I Needed

Today was a good day to run. There was nobody out on the trails except for the fisherman and cricketers. I kid you not. There’s a cricket team that play in Evansburg State Park on Sunday mornings. Each to their own, I guess. 

I ran a hilly 11.5 miles at a steady 8:25 pace today. My legs are still tired from starting to ride my bike for work. I hope it starts to get easier soon. 

Also, I was slightly too warm today as the sun was up and the temps were in the mid-40s. I’ll wear less next time. 

I now have a new piece of equipment to carry with my. My company takes part in the Virgin Pulse program and I received my pedometer (Max) on Friday night. It is quite discreet and clips firmly onto my belt. Also, I’m happy to report that it doesn’t rattle like early pedometers did.  It can sync via my iPhone over bluetooth too, so that’s cool. The display is black and white but has some graphics; sort of like an iPod nano circa 2007. This will limit the battery drain.

I’m looking forward to earning the cash rewards for doing what I generally do anyway. Is this pandering to that competetive ego I try so hard to bury? Perhaps. I’m certainly trying to earn the points as quickly as possible. 🙂


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