Racking Up The Miles

After yesterday’s long run, today was an easier one. Cycling to and from work, plus a run/walk with my friend. He hasn’t been able to get out for the last week or more, so we kept the intervals to 1:30 run with 3:00 recovery. 

We headed out at 5:15 and it was a balmy 72F. Wow. I actually had to wear a sweat band. It feels like such a long time since we’ve had weather like this and it was great to get a chance to be out in it. 

6.5 miles with a pace of 13:45. This was slowed by my friend having his shoe start to rub on his Achilles’ tendon leaving him unable to run for the last mile. 

We are hoping to make this our regular Monday night run and the trail was in excellent shape after the winter. Only a few trees came down and there wasn’t too much snow or rain damage. Looking forward to seeing spring start to bloom on the Perkiomen Trail. 

I managed to blow through my targets on my Virgin Max pedometer over the weekend; this may be easier than I thought. Here are some sample screens from the device: 

  The flames and flag are animated (briefly). I’m not convinced about the calorie estimates it makes. They seem a little low compared to my other devices. 


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