Which Goes First: Running or Riding?

As I continue to adjust to my constant riding commute to the office, I’ve been playing with mixing this in with my regular scheduled runs. 

Generally, I run early in the morning and then shower at home and ride to the office; the ride is short and downhill going in so I’ll still be fresh at the office. 

This has worked reasonably well but does require more clothes changes; let me explain:

  1. Wake up and dress for running. 10mins. 
  2. Run
  3. Shower, shave and dress for cycling. 30mins. 
  4. Cycle to work
  5. Get clothes from lockers, dress, style hair and get to my desk. 15mins. 

Totalling 55 mins. 

Now, my wife suggested that I should try riding to work and then running from there, then showering. 

  1. Wake up and dress for cycle/run. 10mins. 
  2. Cycle to work. 
  3. Stash bag, helmet and gloves. Strap on phone. Get out there. 5 mins. 
  4. Run trail by the river or through the woods. 
  5. Shower, shave, dress and get to my desk. 25mins. 

Totals 40 mins. 15 minutes time saving. Whoop!

Now the only downside to this is that I don’t get to see my kids for breakfast before heading out the door. So I’ll save this for one or two days per week maximum. 

Today I rode 3.1 miles and ran 8.3 miles at a pace of 7:43. The weather was cold and a little damp but perfect for the run. It amuses me that I’m running down the trail in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt past people in weather-proof and wind-proof jackets, hats and fleeces. 

Tomorrow morning is Apple iWatch day so I’ll be online shortly after 3 AM EST to get in the virtual queue. Hurrah. I’m looking forward to this device. 


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