Track Season Begins Again

It is once again the start of track season for the Philly suburbs FastTracks group. That year seemed to pass very quickly. There were some new faces present and about 25 people overall, so not too large of a group. 

First up, a couple of laps at a gentle jog to warm up. Then our coach started us off easily with 10x 150 yard runs where the first 50 is at 80% effort, the next 50 at 90%, and the last 40 is all-out running. You then jog back to the start and repeat again. 

It sounds easy but by the time you hit the fifth repeat you will certainly feel it. 

The recovery from track was fine and today I ran 6.6 miles this morning after cycling to the office. 

I have an odd niggle in my right calf and I suspect it is just time to replace my shoes. I’m over-distance on both my pairs at this point (just shy of 500 on one pair; oops). Perhaps I’ll go and get some new Brooks this weekend. 🙂


One thought on “Track Season Begins Again

  1. runrodrun

    I’m a Saucony Kinvara man myself. The new models were just released but are still not available here 😢.

    I’m told it should be any day now…..


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