Early Morning Shower

With my calf and leg still aching from what I suspect is over-used shoe syndrome, I decided just to do a short run today without any fast sections. 

So a simple 5k at a pace of 8:10 was what I did!

There was a light misty rain in the air of the sort that will most up your glasses even if you are wearing a running cap with a brim, so I took off my specs partway through the run. 

There were a few deer out there today too and one annoying newspaper delivery person driving in circles in their Toyota with their hazard warning lights on. This seems ridiculous to me as with the hazards on you cannot tell which way they are going to turn next which is more dangerous than them going slowly. 

Any way, running done, week almost done, time for a pancake breakfast with the family.

One more week until Apple iWatch day. Can’t wait! I have ordered them for my wife and I. ⌚️📲❤️ (New Apple Emojii). 


2 thoughts on “Early Morning Shower

  1. usabaker

    If I ever get to run again 😉 (going to try this weekend) I’ll be breaking in some new shoes too. Kind of concerned about breaking in new shoes having just come off an injury though. Let us know how the Apple watch works out for you as far as running is concerned. Inquiring minds want to know…..


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