Nu Shooz: Brooks Glycerin 12

“Baby, I can’t wait.”

Enough of the cheesy old 80s band references. Yesterday I hit the stores to hunt down a new pair of neutral shoes for the next 400 miles of running. 

My last pair were Brooks Dyad 7s and they lasted well. They got a hole in the toe box at about 350 miles and they started to give me muscle aches at around 450 miles, which is about usual for Brooks shoes with my running style. 

The wear patterns on my shoes show a slight rubbing on the outside edges of both shoes, especially at the heel, but also apparent all the way up the toe box. 

The advice from the shop was to stick with neutral shoes. This is interesting to me as when I used to be a heel lander I was told that I needed shoes to correct my stride. I had Brooks Beasts for years and they served me well, but since transitioning to a mid-foot strike I’ve moved through Brooks Adreneline (slight correction) and onto Dyads (neutral). 

I also tried on some Mizuno Wave Riders that were pretty good, but as soon as I put on the Brooks Glycerins they felt fabulous! They are much lighter than my previous shoes and they have nice styling.  

  Not only are the shoes light but they are airy as well. They feel well ventilated around my toes.  

With that bright orange leading edge of the sole, cars and people will see me coming on my early morning runs. 

At $150 they are not cheap shoes but again my FastTracks club membership comes to the rescue with a 15% discount (that more than pays for the cost of membership). 

It also turns out that the chap serving me at the Valley Forge Running Company was in my running group at track on Wednesday night too; small world and excellent service, yet again. 

I’m looking forward to using these new shoes tomorrow for my long run. 

Btw, I’m not sponsored by Brooks in anyway whatsoever, I just happen to have always found their shoes to be good. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nu Shooz: Brooks Glycerin 12

  1. usabaker

    Nice shoes.. I’ve not run in Brooks yet. Do you transition into new shoes or just toss the old pair and run in the new ones period? Only ask because I’ve been transitioning between shoes so I run every other run in them until the old shoes are done then run on the newer ones.

      1. pauldburton Post author

        Yeah, I rarely transition. Sometimes I’ll keep my old pair as spares but I’ve got so many old pairs that I’ve now stopped this and I’m clearing the decks. I run in them until they expire so watts the point in keeping them any longer. I guess, if I bought shoes early for a particular special offer then I may have an overlap, but that’s not generally how I roll.

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