Pounding the Trail and Zagster Bike Share

I rode to work this morning and then went out for a nice six mile run along the Perkiomen and Schulkyll River Trails. It was rather brisk riding down in shorts at only 36F but I didn’t want to have to carry too much in my backpack for the ride home. 

On my run I went through a local suburban park and, for some reason, they have introduced a new bike share scheme out here.  

Zagster appears to be a bike rental system through apps on your phone, similar to the CityBike schemes around the world. 

However, I would question the logic of putting these at a park.  Who are they expecting to use them? People that come to the park to bike will bring their own ‘real’ bikes and not these lumps. Other people at the park would be there to walk or run or with their pets. The basket on the bikes isn’t big enough for most dogs so… I just don’t get it. 

Are they expecting people to know about the bikes and head out deliberately to use them? (“I don’t have a bike but I heard there are some in the park… I think I’ll go for a ride”). Maybe some people will do this…

It seems doomed to failure. 

The trail was a mess this morning following strong winds overnight so I cleared a lot of sticks and junk as I ran. Feeling good, but hungry. 

6 miles at a 7:31 pace was an excellent result. 

In other news, I received the shipping notices for our new iWatches today. Hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow! Both my wife and I are excited about it. It will be fun to have a new tech toy. I noticed that the mapmyrun update today had an iWatch app included in it, too; hurrah! 


2 thoughts on “Pounding the Trail and Zagster Bike Share

  1. Annie at TheLittleGSP.com

    Ha, you raise some excellent questions about the bike program! In this article about the new Montco initiative one of the county commissioners is quoted as saying “This program will give those without bicycles, or those who might decide on the spur of the moment to ride an opportunity to enjoy our 60 miles of trails throughout the county.” http://www.citizenscall.net/government/montco-launches-bike-share-program/

    So there you go… a spur of the moment bike rider can use these bikes. Unless that bike rider wants to ride with friends and there aren’t enough bikes available since apparently there are only 12 bikes total in the county. 😉

    Also I wonder if they have any helmet requirements? Do they rent those by the hour too? It seems that in our sue-happy society someone could turn that into a case against the county (“My head injury is the county’s fault because they didn’t provide helmets with their county-owned bikes…” etc. etc.) I guess the Zagster app takes care of that with safety disclaimers? (Can you tell I’m a bit bored at work this afternoon?)

    1. pauldburton Post author

      There were no helmets with the bikes. Locks and satellite systems attached. Six bikes in each of two locations initially. I’m not sure there are such things as ‘spur of the moment riders’. Perhaps if you were walking and it started to rain… But you still have to get the bike back to the rack. Ha, don’t be too bored!


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