Apple Watch with MapMyRun

Today was my first run with my new Apple Watch. I chose to stick with using the mapmyrun app that I’ve used for many many years rather than switching to the workout app that Apple provide in the phone. 

I won’t cover all the unwrapping and setting up of the device as that is all over the Internet. Suffice to say that it was yet another awesome and seamless experience from Apple. The unpacking experience is delightful and setup a breeze. 

I got the line green sport version of the watch.  

I think it loves me… 

I setup mapmyrun with a playlist and selected my shoes so that it was all ready to go, then put my phone away. 

Once outside and ready to go I dialled up the mapmyrun app on the Apple Watch and hit the running button.  

The app started up first time and I could hear the countdown starting. I had decided to run long today now that my muscle aches have all cleared up since replacing my shoes. 

While I was out there I received a notification that I had passed the Move goal for the day. This is part of the general activity tracking in the watch. I also checked my pulse at one point: 167. It was the crest of a hill though. 

As I got home I had to scroll to the right most panel to find the pause/stop button. 

So, it worked well. My Apple Watch battery level is at 88% and my iPhone 6 is at 85%. I had music playing the whole way on my phone too. Muse kicked ass for me. 🙂

I did 16 miles at 8:00 pace and feel pretty good. I ran from my home through Evansburg State Park and almost all the way to the Perkiomen Trail. I turned around at the eight mile mark but the join was only another 3/4 of a mile away at that point. 

I’ll post more about the watch as I use it but it worked well for me yesterday and the battery was at 48% remaining at the end of the day. I don’t have many notifications set as I find them distracting so that’s probably why it lasted so well. 


3 thoughts on “Apple Watch with MapMyRun

  1. my26pointtwo

    Really interested to hear more. I am weighing up Garmin versus an all in one with optical heart rate monitor, but not sure how the accuracy compares to the traditional chest strap.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      The GPS on the Apple Watch series 2 seems to be pretty accurate and compares well with my iPhone gps data. I can’t say that this will tie out to a garmin though…


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