Running Commute

It has been a while since I actually ran to work and back. In fact, I haven’t done it since I changed jobs so, following a suggestion from my wife, I decided to do it today. 

There is one tricky part on the journey that just cannot be avoided. The road narrows, has a steep hill and there are no sidewalks. 

One person, we’ll call them Mr Mustang, decided that they should beep me for using the road and causing him to slow down to the speed limit. I shouted an appropriate cuss in his direction and probably waved a finger. 

Other than that it was an uneventful run in. The return trip will be a lot tougher as it is all uphill but I think I’ll survive alright. 

I ran with my backpack so I could have a fresh t-shirt for the office, but I guess I could have run with just a belt for my wallet and door pass if I’d been a little more organised. 

That reminds me, my new RoadID arrived late last week so I feel a little more secure out and about than before. I think I lost my old one in London in early March and it has been weird running without it, especially on roads. I had setup the emergency contact info in my iPhone so I did still have that data about me if something has happened, but most people don’t know about that…

From iOS 8 onwards you can store your emergency contact info in your lock page of your iPhone. It is setup in the Health app on the last tab. This allows someone to access your emergency data from the lock screen if you are unable to respond. 

It may even allow someone to return your cellphone to you if you lose it, so it is probably worth completing anyway! 

From the lock screen, press the Emergency button in the lower left of the screen and then choose ‘Medical Id’ again from the lower left. 

Time to return to work after having lunch outside by the lake…  

What a beautiful day to eat outside.  


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