Track Night Week #4

After a couple of afternoons where the temperature hit the low 80s, it dropped tonight to 63F and was perfect for running. Phew! I’m not ready for summer heat runs yet. 

It was FastTracks track night tonight which saw us doing 10 x 200s with 100m walk recovery. The same as last week. The first 100m was at 1 mile pace and the second at half mile pace. 

It sounds like it might be easy but come interval four and you will be feeling it. 

Generally I was finishing fifth in the Group 1 tonight which is about the normal position for me. I was pretty consistent with my times running between 38 and 41 seconds for the distance. 

I jogged a few extra laps too just to loosen up before and after. 

It was a good night and we had a reasonable crowd there. Thankfully the track was a lot quieter this week so we didn’t impact on others quite as much. 

I noticed our coach was filming some of the sprints so it will be interesting to see if we can get access to them. Seeing my running form would be interesting especially for the second 100s as I suspect I turn my legs over faster and shift forward on my feet. 

My apple watch worked well again tonight using the digital stopwatch. It takes a little getting used to so that you don’t hit the screen too hard and put it into a different mode, but other than that it did the job. 


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