An Evening Run by The Schuylkill River

After cycling to work and a hard days slog, it is nice to get a chance to have a relaxing run by the river. 

I rode my bike four miles to Betzwood (which is inside Valley Forge National Historical Park) and met with my friend for a run/walk. 

We decided (well, I did) to change the intervals to 2:00 run, 2:30 walk. This is a longer run and shorter recovery and is getting close to being a half way split. 

My friend coped ably with the changes and completed the entire six mile run with only a few threats on my life. 

We completed in 1:19 and averaged a pace of 12:53. The runs were at a 10:40 pace mostly. 

Adjusting to a new interval timing kept taking me by surprise as we’d still be mid-conversation when ‘the psycho in my phone’ would tell us to start running again. (She sounds slightly power crazy, in my opinion). 

My friend got himself an Android watch after seeing my joy with the Apple Watch. It seems to work pretty well, too. 

The wooded trail was very pretty with lots of bluebells along the edge. There were a lot of flies around though; oh, good, extra protein!

There were lots of signs up for a missing person. Sad to see. 

My ride home was good and uneventful which is a nice way to finish the day. 

Now it’s time for brain jelly (jello) and ice-cream.  



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