Catching Up with Life

On Friday I decided not to run and instead to do a longer bicycle ride. Riding to work is fun but is only three miles each way which is barely enough to get your legs rolling. 

A quick eighteen miler around some of the local trails was a nice change from the back and forth hill climbs to my home. 

For the weekend I decided not to run at all. My reasons for this: my daughter. I have noticed over the last few weekends that she had asked me to play with her in the garden and on a couple of occasions I said “no” giving reasons of:

  • Too tired
  • Legs ache
  • Ran 15 miles this morning
  • Too stiff
  • Saving myself for running later 

I have to say that I felt a little guilty about this so I took the time off. This afforded me the energy to play with her more and to do some odd jobs around the home (which was nice). We even camped in the back garden on Saturday night. Fun. But a day off does feel a little like cheating even when you’ve been running a lot. 

On Sunday I managed to lose my pedometer for my work health scheme (Virgin) and have now had to switch to using the Moves app on my cellphone. This seems to work reasonably well and means that I no longer have to worry about remembering the clip-on pedometer. 

Monday evening was time for my weekly walk/run with my friend. We stuck to our new shorter intervals period of 2:00 run and 2:30 walk. It was all good despite the 82F temperatures and prevalence of bugs by the river. With cycling to and from work, it made for a good active day. 


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