Climb Those Hills

After an easy 6.5 mile run on Thursday morning, I rounded out the day with a visit to my Trigger Point Therapist. It was a very painful session but my legs feel so much looser than before. 

It is odd that when I go there I don’t think there’s much wrong, but within minutes on the table I realise all the fascia that has built up around my muscle. The sweet pain of having that broken up and releasing the muscles so that they may move smoothly again is great. 

For Friday I decided to honour National Bike To Work Day and rode my speedy road bike. I managed to break 40mph on two different hills on the way in. An exhilarating way to start a morning!

On the ride home someone else on a bike undertook me while I waited patiently in a line of traffic to make a turn. They went up the inside of the line and then turned at the front across other cars… So, when I got safely across the turning about five cars later I decided to try and chase them up the hill. 

I managed to catch them at about the two-thirds mark. Not bad as it is a steep hill and I felt vindicated. 

We have an action packed weekend planned and I’m not sure there’ll be space for a run, but I’ll try to squeeze one in. I’m owed a long run… 

Here’s a snap of my daughter happily completing one of her recent Healthy Kids runs. I love that expression on her face. Yeah! 


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