Two Hard Days

My Wednesday and Thursday’s always take it out of me. Wednesday’s usually consist of biking to work, to track, running track and then biking home. All in about 26 miles biking and 3 miles of running. 

After getting home after 8:00 and going to bed around 9:15, it leaves little recovery time before Thursday when I bike to work and do my mid-week long run (6-8 miles). 

This week was made harder as I couldn’t get to track because I had to write a presentation I’m giving next week; Agile Processes for Software Development. 

I ended up not leaving the office until seven and so ran locally rather than track. This means I did about seven miles around the Audubon Loop through the grounds of the John James Audubon house rather than the three I would normally cover at track. Following hat with my long run this morning (another seven miles) and my legs feel like they are ready to fall off. 

I may have to review my running schedule as evening/morning combinations are tough, especially when paired with cycling. 

The chipmunks on the trail here are getting a little blasé about people; one little guy didn’t even more as I ran within a foot of him. He didn’t even flinch!

I injured my heel today as a stone got caught in the back of my shoe and immediately caused a cut. I should have known better than to wear short socks on a gravel trail. Wardrobe malfunction. 


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