So Much for Easing Back Gently…

Today was the perfect morning for a run. It is the Memorial weekend and probably the last cool morning for a run as summer normally kicks in big-time after this weekend. 

I got up and didn’t have much breakfast as time has shown me that having a slow Sunday breakfast really ruins my chances of having a good run. 

By just after eight I was out on the Perkiomen Trail at the place where I had my massive failure last week. I have a slight injury on my left ankle and have put a plaster over it so that I could run as the thought of missing out on the last perfect weekend of spring was just too much to bear. 

I started out gingerly and stopped at the half mile mark to check the bandaid. It was holding; just. The sock was really keeping it in place. 

So, onwards!

I checked again at the three mile mark. Readjusted it and carried on. 

All of a sudden I found I was at the seven mile mark and contemplating running a full marathon. The conditions were just perfect but I didn’t have enough water or supplies. At eight miles I decided I should turn around but felt like I could go on further! 

The trail was pleasantly busy; not too much traffic, but a stream of people to nod good morning at. Very few people were wearing helmets (again). It is odd to me that people don’t think they’ll need one on the trail. Fools.

A few clif shotblocks and a bottle of water kept me going through the run. I’m enjoying using the apple watch to keep an eye on distance as then I don’t have to have “the voice” from the phone interrupting my train of thought while I’m pounding the pavement.  

My pace wasn’t very fast today but that’s for two reasons:

  1. I reset mapmyrun the other day and haven’t turned on auto-pause. So the five bandaid-stops that I made counted as part of my time. 
  2. I ran slightly differently my so that my shoe didn’t rub my ankle too much, plus I loosened my shoe.

Off to Memorial Day parties today. Beer and friends; should be nice. 


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