Technical Problems and 5k Sign-Up

I started the day with a ‘Devil Run’ of 6.66 miles only to find out that something was screwed with my iPhone and all the tracking had stopped; mapmyrun and moves went offline so it must be the phone that’s to blame. 

This is a nuisance as it means that I didn’t get the credit for all those steps that I ran. Frustrating. Especially as my Apple Watch did capture all my steps but that can’t be used to feed the Moves or Virgin apps. Moves is definite due an update to sync in with the watch… 

I manually entered the data for the run and for a couple of cycle rides until I managed to sort out the phone later on. This seems to happen occasionally with iOS 8 and it is a little annoying. I’ve definitely had to physically switch my phone off and on a couple of times over recent months. 

In other news, I have managed to secure a bib for my company’s sponsored 5k. They had advertised it before I joined and the bibs were all gone by my first day… However, some are freeing up now and I’m in. 

Now whether I can keep it under control and run to enjoy it or just go all out is another question altogether. The trail we use is narrow and there are a lot of people so it may be slower because of that. Plus, there are a lot of competitive people at my company so I think that it might be tough to place. 

Give my loathing for crowds and trying to keep my competitiveness at bay, I think I’ll just take it easy… But I’m going to do some extra short run training nonetheless. 


2 thoughts on “Technical Problems and 5k Sign-Up

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Short… But given some of the announcements from Google today ‘shirt’ may not be too far off the mark! Project Jacquard sounds interesting…


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