A Little Bit of Fast

Given that I’ve now signed up for a 5k, I thought that I should try running with my ‘fast legs’ and see just how well positioned I am currently. 

I went out first thing this morning without any food so that I could take advantage of the lower temperatures, even though I know I’ll be running the race at peak temps as it starts at 5:30pm. 

With all my gadgets prepared, I did a few lazy stretches and then hit GO. 

At the half mile I was cruising at 7:03 pace. Not too shabby. By the mile marker I had slowed to 7:05. Doh. This is right before a hill so I pushed a little harder over the hill and managed to get some additional speed down the other side. By this point my legs were feeling warmed up.  I finished strong with a 5k time of 21:46 and an average pace of 7:00. 

Not too bad at all. I’ll do some work on pushing a little harder and I will also target some runs later in the day to get used to the temps and humidity. 

Other than that, it is going to be down to start line positioning and how busy the trail gets. 🙂

It felt good to shake out the cobwebs with this faster run. 


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Fast

  1. Born to Plod

    I haven’t seen my fast legs in soooo long. I think they’ve probably run off with someone else.


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