Update on Those Around Me

In life we survive not as one but as a part of a larger circle of people. It is often these folks that help to make us complete and help us through when things are harder. 

This weekend my wife completed her thirteenth State half-marathon and is now officially over a quarter of the way through the set. 

This time it was Michigan and a run from Dexter to Ann Arbor and it rained. Sorry, that’s an understatement. It *RAINED*. A couple of days beforehand and then through to mile seven of her run. She completed it and got back home to me and the kids quickly. 

Well done, m’dear! The new medal rack is starting to look quite full already.  

And some other news… 

My friend that I’ve been running with for the last eight months broke another goal as he FLEW through the 200lbs mark. After plateauing in the 200-210lbs range for a while and slowly creeping down towards the big two-oh-oh, he finally shot through it down to 197.5! That makes his overall weight loss an incredible 212.5lbs. Inconceivable. 

He is less than half the man he used to be. And that’s a good thing. 

To celebrate we ran tonight. In the pouring rain. On a muddy trail. By the river. It was perfect!

If you ever want to feel truly connected to the world I suggest choosing to run in the rain. It doesn’t count if it starts to rain while you are already out… You have to choose to go out when it is already raining. 

Everything is different. The temps were a wonderful 61F and the path was flooded in places so we had to stay light on our feet to jump over the puddles; I swear it’s like being a kid again. There were no bugs out either! The sound of the rain and the thunder was very relaxing. 

Today is also the start of a new month so we changed our intervals up to be an even split; 2:15 running followed by 2:15 recovery. Consequently we set a new record of 1:12:22 for the 6.22 miles. 

Life is good. Don’t hide away when it is wet. Get out there and embrace the world. Value those around you. 


4 thoughts on “Update on Those Around Me

  1. Ed

    Tonight was an enormously fun run in the rain!!! I never in my life thought I’d be a runner…thanks Paul!!!

  2. burpeebreak

    That I so awesome for your wife! And such a great idea – running in different states. I really like it! Good luck to her as she continues on.

    And congrats to your friend! What a major accomplishment. Best of luck to him as he forges on towards his goal.


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