National Running Day: Celebrated in Style

As with most Wednesday’s, tonight was track night for the FastTracks crowd. I did the 11 mile bike ride to track and then dedicated myself to some intense intervals. 

The workout tonight called for three sets of 400m, 200 at 5k pace and 200 at 1 mile pace, all with 200m recovery at a slow jog. 

This was followed by two sets of 800m, 400 at 5k pace and 400 at one mile pace, with 200m recovery at slow jog…

Then we had to repeat the first three sets of 400 again. 

It was the first one of the track sessions that actually felt tough so far this year. I had to grit my teeth to finish up. I did manage to hold at least a third place position in group one for each of the sets which was a good result. 

The 400s were at about 1min 27secs and the 800s at 3:00, so slightly off pace. By a fraction. 

Then I rode twelve miles home as a cool down. A cool down with hills. 

Now I am completely knackered but at least I feel the workout was worth the effort of the ride. 

Did you celebrate national running day? Did you make it a good one?


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