Perfect Day for a Run

Normally on a Sunday morning I would do a long run and tire myself out for the rest of the day. This week I have a 5k on Thursday so I thought I shouldn’t run quite as far as normal. 

Therefore I chose to run for the outer loop at Valley Forge National Historical Park which is about 7.5 miles of rolling hills. The trail runs through the heart of the park and down by a winding stream through woods. Lovely. 

To make matters even better the weather was perfect at about 62F with a gentle breeze. 

I often say how lucky were are to have such nice parks nearby and I would encourage everyone to get out there and see them. They are there for us. Use them.  

Last Saturday I took the kids there and got this photo (using Apple Watch as the controller). I wanted to show my daughter the log cabins that were used as accommodation for the troups. 

There were a few runners out today but most were running the opposite way to me. I prefer a clockwise run for no other reason than habit, I suppose. 

I seemed to have fast legs today and did the 7.5 miles at a 7:33 pace. I’ll do a few speed practices this week and then see how the race on Thursday goes. 

Should you taper for a 5k? It seems a little unnecessary to me. Perhaps just not too much speed work… 


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