A Number of False Starts and Stops

I have been technology challenged today. After forgetting to start mapmyrun for my ride to work today, I had to manually enter it once I got to the office… then I went for a walk at lunchtime and thought I’d use the Apple Watch exercise tracker for a change… I opened it up and found I hadn’t saved my last walk. I went to save it and hit the wrong button… boom. Lost it. Damn.

This evening I was going to do a quick run in preparation for the 5k on Thursday. The temps are higher in the evening and I need to adjust to be able to run full out. I started mapmyrun on my watch and then did a quick 2.5 mile run @ 7m 15sec pace. Nice… then I went to save it and my sweaty fingers hit the discard button. Bah! I lost more data.

Then it was time to ride home, I setup my iPhone before I went down to my bike… then forgot to start the damn app when I got on my bike. More lost exercise data.

Sometimes I think my brain isn’t wired quite the right way.

In other news, Apple announced lots of exciting updates at the WWDC event for the Apple Watch that are coming in watchOS 2 soon. This will allow the 3rd party apps to access the heart rate monitor and other techs that are built into the watch. This is good news… assuming I remember to start the apps!


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