Rush Hour Run 5K

It has been a long time since I’ve been in a timed 5k and actually tried to run it quickly. This was a very hot day at 91F and humid as hell. 

Most of the trail for the run was shaded but not all of it and in that kind of heat there is just no escaping. I decided to run with a bottle of water and in glad I did. There was water at the halfway point but i’d never have made it there without the bottle. 

It was so hot I had to stop and walk twice which seems ridiculous but was absolutely necessary. 

In the end my time was a pretty solid 21:25 which is a 6:54 pace for the distance, especially given the walking. Not my fastest but I’m happy with that given the temperatures.  

The post run refreshments were excellent as there was pizza, pasta, water ice, fish, cookies, water and plenty of beer! With a lot of volunteers and helpers the event was very well run and enjoyable. 

A terrible photo of me by my desk at work post-recovery. It’s all I’ve got. 

I didn’t place in my age group as I would have had to be under 20:09 to get third! The winner ran an impressive 16:45 and apparently wins it every year. 


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