A Couple of Sweaty Ball…istic Days

it has been a busy and hot few days of late. 

Since the Rush Hour Run on Thursday last week I took a couple of days to recover. I was so close to passing out from the heat exertion that I though it best to hold off for a while, plus my wife had some plan to stay out with friends. 

On Saturday I had a bit of a splurge and bought:

  • New Brooks Glycerin 13 shoes to complement my half-life Glycerine 12s. Excellent shoes, this time in a funky blue. 
  • New Bluetooth headphones. My old Sony Bluetooth died in one ear despite many efforts to reinvigorate them. They he already been replaced once under warranty so I felt I couldn’t hit them up again. My Sony in ear phone had also gone to crap and I lost my original iPhone headset… At the race on Thursday I met someone who had Aftershox Bluez 2 headphones. These are especially cool as thy were open ear phones that conduct the sound through your cheekbones. I’ll reports on how try work after a few runs. 

On Monday I ran with my friend and we both had tech problems that led to us restarting our GPS after half a mile. The run was hard as the temps were around 86F and humid. 

This morning I thought I’d run a quiet and cold Devil run but found that it was already humid as hell and 73F. Ah, well – the run was good if sweaty. 

Now to cool down before showering.  


The bold colours of my new Glycerin 13’s. 


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