A Run in the Rain

Today I rode into work in a light shower and then went off for a 9.6 mile run with the express idea of testing my headphones: Aftershokz Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones. 

The sound from these things is pretty reasonable; not as good as over the ear headphones, but not bad. They are best for spoken word so great for phones calls and podcasts. 

It is a little strange at first hearing music in your head while still being able to hear other sounds from your surroundings. It caught me out when I went into the changing rooms at work and thought that they were streaming the same band I had been listening to on my run… Turns out my headphones were still on! 

You must still keep the volume level quite low to ensure that you can hear people approaching but it is nice to hear songs and birdsong while out early in the morning!

However, after using them successfully for a few days they started to have problems when I was in the rain. It was only light rain and they are supposed to be water-resistant but the Bluetooth disconnected and then wouldn’t reconnect. It took me a lot of fiddling to get them working again much later in the day. 

Comfort-wise they feel great and stay in place when I’m running, walking and riding. They didn’t budge while I was using them and this was a pleasant surprise. 

So, in summary, I would say that they are a good product but not to use them in the rain, so they won’t work for me. 

Their website has lots of articles about blind people using them so that they can still be situationally aware; all good news for those use cases. As long as those blind people don’t like walking in light rain…

I’ll be taking them back unfortunately.  

  Good looking devices with modern styling. They sit on your cheekbones and the sound is conducted through to your ears. Military-grade technology! 

This is the pad that conducts the sound into your cheek. Those slots are the designs undoing, however, as they clearly let some water into the units. 

9.6 miles @ 7:47 pace was pretty good. It was lovely to have a cool run at only 66F. 


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