Literally Tightening My Belt

It has got to that point in my summer training that I had to adjust the strap on my water belt. Hurrah! Always a sure sign that the training has picked up and the winter weight is sliding away. 

I had to adjust it at mile two of my planned 19.5 mile run. However, I hadn’t prepared correctly or taken enough water and at mile 16.5 my legs just conked out; no energy left. 

Thankfully there’s a water stop at mile 17.5 so I had a refreshing wash and refilled my bottle then ran a little further. But still only had another mile in my legs so I’m writing this as I walk the last mile and a half back to my car. 

I didn’t prepare properly yesterday and ate very poorly so I’m not entirely surprised I ran out of juice. Still it is good to know that I can knock out at 16.5 even when I’m not prepared! 

I took back those cool Aftershokz headphones yesterday and replaced them with Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphones. These are labelled as waterproof to one meter for thirty mins and sweatproof. They certainly seem to be working today as I’m sweaty as hell today. The temp has climbed and the humidity with it. 

They are in-ear Bluetooth headphones that have a variable inner piece to allow them to let in external sounds. They are very comfortable and the band around the back of the neck is really light and flexible. 

The only downsides are: 

  1. The buttons to control them are on the ear pieces which means they are easily knocked when you insert or adjust them. On the plus side they are easy to find and use. 
  2. The bass dynamic range is only to 50Hz. I suspect that this is due to the water proofing element of the design. The sound chamber has to be sealed to stop water getting in and the bass sounds would require a vent so that the air pressure didn’t damage the speaker (guess). They do still sound pretty good but if you love deep bass then these are not the headphones for you. 

I’m nearing the end of my walk back now so I’m going to stop writing and return to a. Run for the last half mile. 

The first 16.5 miles were at a pace of 8:30 which is reasonable. This was also my first run with my new Brooks Glycerin 13’s. Very comfortable yet again. Well done Brooks. 


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