The Early Bird

To accommodate my wife’s running schedule and my friends fear of running in temps of over 90F, we met at five AM this morning to get our 6 mile run/walk in. 

The trail was completely empty and we had to run by flashlight for the first mile of so. 

It was a glorious 66F when we started out but we could sense the humidity starting to build. 

Running so soon after my 17 miles yesterday was a bit of an unknown for me, as I had expected to get the whole day to recover before running again. Ah well, when needs must, I suppose. 

We managed to set a record for our route of 1:11:54 which is about one minute four seconds faster than our previous best. Plus, there was a glorious scene as the sun rose over the river and illuminated the banks of Valley Forge Park. 

While we were running I was reminded of a conversation i’d had on the trail the previous day. 

While out on my loooong run I started chatting to an older gent who was heading at a fair pace along the trail in the same direction as me. Turns out he’s been running for about fifteen years having started at the age of fifty. He’d just completed his tenth consecutive Boston marathon and has run fifty marathons in total. What a star!

All his Boston runs were based on time rather than charity places, too. 

I rarely speak to others while I’m out on the trail, but it was nice to hear his stories and to have a little company for a mile or so. He runs five or six marathons a year but is considering scaling back to two or three. Good on him, that’s what I say. 

Whoever you are sir, I salute you! 

Now to attack my thighs with the foam roller…


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