Another Fun Packed Day

My friend pinged me out of nowhere yesterday afternoon to say he was planning another early morning run at Valley Forge today, so I asked to join him. 

We have upped the difficulty on the intervals because we did a shorter distance but still wanted to feel the burn. We opted for a 3.5 mile run with five minute warm up, then 2:30 high intensity and 2:00 recovery. The run lasted just 39:00 minutes and gave us a great average pace. 

The trail was beautiful today following the storm that blew through PA last night. There was no humidity and the temps were in the low 60s. Perfect!

The trails await you. Get up. Get out!

I also commuted to work and to the Philadelphia Java Users’ Group meeting in King of Prussia on my bike. Lots of extra miles on a perfect day. 

I’m still testing the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones and so far they are great. 

I used them for a couple of conference calls today and while I was cycling on a trail (at a very low volume!). They do let a fair amount of wind in and I think a bug may have got behind them at one point. The buttons and features are very easy to use and even include a mute feature that I didn’t have on other headsets (hurrah). 

They came with an armband carrying case for the headphones which is really useful for transporting them and can hold my iPhone 6 with a case around it. This means I no longer have to strip my phone to go running. My original armband had started to fail on the Velcro fastening so this was a timely bonus. 

So far I’m a happy puppy even though they aren’t as cool as the Aftershokz.  

Here they are charging (hence the cable). They are bright and very light, plus the plastic is sweat proof. 


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