An Active Time Ahead

The weekend is upon us and so the exercise program kicks up. 

Today I ran 3.8 miles with my friend and then decided to take my bike out for an evening spin, clocking up 24 miles at a fast pace. But not as fast as MapMyRun thought I went on Wednesday night… 360mph. On my bike. Crazy! They need to put some quality checking parameters around the output of that app. It would be better to report ‘bad data’ than to give completely crap info. 

Tomorrow I’ll be hiking up and down Mount Misery and Mount Joy in Valley Forge park. The temps are due to be low and there might be rain. Perfect. 

Sunday I have a charity bike ride that I haven’t really trained for at all (oops) and I may do a run later in the day… The jury is out on that piece. 

Then on Monday I’ll have another early morning run. Phew! 

Action packed. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I had a massage on Thursday night and now I feel really loose and bouncy on my feet. It is always worth getting a good massage from a decent trigger point therapist. 🙂


One thought on “An Active Time Ahead

  1. usabaker

    I totally gave up on MapMyRun; problems like yours (and mine) aside I didn’t think that I should pay an annual fee for MVP when I already paid for Plus. So I moved to iSmoothRun I have everything MVP has for just the cost of the app, $6.00 .. Funny part is I export to MapMyRun so I still join some of the challenges LOL and can view / share my runs.


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