Weekend Update

Stealing a title from Saturday Night Live, but I thought I’d share an update of the weekend’s activities. 

On Saturaday my friend and I hiked Mounts Misery and Joy in Valley Forge National Historical Park. We’d not done Joy before and it was an interesting walk. The whole route is only 3.8 miles but has a lot of uphill walking, although it is the downhill that tends to be the most tiring or strenuous for the knees! 

It was a lovely day with a light rain falling and temps in the 60s. Perfect.  After a proactive day sorting things out around the house I got an early night as today (Sunday) I was to ride the Chester County Challenge for Cancer ride. 

In preparation and after many years of delaying, I upgraded a few things on my bike. New road bike shoes (previously mountain shoes) with carbon soles coupled with new clips on the bike. After riding five years with SPD-20 mountain clips it was time to upgrade. 

I have to say that they made a real difference to the feel of the bike. The larger platform certainly transfers more power through to the pedals and are very comfortable.  

I also took the dive and bought a cycling bib. For years I have ridden with cycling shorts and wondered about bibs… They look weird and have no pockets; what use are they? 

Turns out that they are quite comfortable. The straps help to keep the padding in just the right position no matter how you move on the saddle and having no waistband is quite good after three hours bent over the handlebars. 

The ride itself was lovely. The weather dried up quickly and only a gentle sun shone upon us. In the past I’ve been very hot on this ride so it was nice to have a cool day. 

The ride is a very hilly route through Chester County that takes many scenic back roads. The volunteers had done an excellent job of clearing debris from the previous night’s storm and the markings were very clear. 

Another improvement was beer at the finish line. Yum. Thanks Victory Brewing Company! 

Now to relax a bit before an early morning run tomorrow… 

Have fun and “Stay frisky my friends”. 


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