New Start Point

To celebrate the bank holiday here in the U.S. I thought I’d try starting from a different place on my run. 

Hunsberger Woods are on the outskirts of Collegeville, PA and near Ursinus College. They were given over to the public in 1994 and is a lovely starting point for running the Perkiomen Trail. 

A gentle downhill into some meadow lands start off the run, with a little stream crossing and an odd little outhouse building. The paved trail quickly gives way to a mown grass pathway that leads around the other meadows. Eventually it will drop you out on rt. 29 right near an entry point to the Perkiomen Trail. 

The temps were in the high 60s and with a little humidity from recent rains, but it was perfect weather run a run. 

Through the miracles of modern tech I can post a running selfie set-off by my apple watch.  

What a lovely day! 

Have a nice holiday if you are celebrating Independence Day. I shall be riding in Philly with my Union Jack cycle shirt on; that’s asking for trouble on parade day. 🙂


One thought on “New Start Point

  1. runrodrun

    I’m no expert on the history of US – GB relations, but I’d say you’ll be needing to pedal pretty fast tomorrow! Should be a great speed workout 😋


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