Running Early

The summer heat has certainly arrived in PA and the only option for running without entirely melting away is to get out early. 

This doesn’t reduce the humidity but at least the temps are in the 70s with no blazing sun. 

Yesterday I met my friend for our Monday run at 5:30 am and ran 6.2 miles. We marginally missed a best time because I pushed him a little too hard in the first half of the run and he had to rest on one interval on the return. Lesson learned. Must employ reverse split. 

This week I am commuting to work on my wife’s hybrid. It is much nicer than my one and has had hardly any use. It is a little chunky but has good gearing and came back up the hills pretty easily. 

The tyres also have rather more grip than any of my other bikes so that’s an added benefit in these days of random thunderstorms… One of which I got caught in when I took my bike shopping last night. I put the baby trailer on and headed to the supermarket and then the beer shop. As I stepped out of the shop the sky opened. Most refreshing. 

Interestingly, in the half mile from the shop back home I saw about seven other cyclists. It’s nice to see others out! I then sat and watched the Tour de France. Some nasty accidents today and the climb looked like fun. 

Today I was out early for a 3.7 mile run. My pace was slow at around 8:07 but it is very muggy and it was supposed to be a recovery run. I took the hilly route to push a little harder. 
There were two other runners out and about five walkers. Again, it’s good to see other people being more active. 


9 thoughts on “Running Early

  1. runrodrun

    Love how you still write “tyre” and not “tire”. When I was a kid and first read “tyre” I had to look it up in the dictionary ☺️

      1. runrodrun


        I, as a proud Canadian, am adamant about the use of the letter “u” in such words as “neighbour”, “colour”, etc.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Yeah… I shouldn’t complain about it really. Fair cop. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others though; the race is against yourself, not anyone else.

      1. usabaker

        No worries Paul, I know my limits at this point – I would just love to be able to run at a 8 min mile. I just thought it was amusing to say I wish I could run slow rather then run fast.

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