Bailed on Marathon

I’ve posted no updates this week because I was planning to run a marathon today and was tapering… However, at mile 20 I’ve decided to bail. 

Cramps in my calf and dizziness when I stopped to tie a lace stopped me going any further. 

I feel like a bit of a failure but I guess I’ll just call it a 20mile training run and do the marathon attempt again in a couple of weeks. 

I hadn’t been following a plan and last weekend I did run 18 miles so I guess I was pushing it a little. 

The run was pretty good as I had planned it to hit several water stops and my car so I could refuel regularly. 

I ate well with sports beans, 2 packs of clif shot blocks and two clif bars. 

I drank three 20oz bottles of water and was helped by a friendly cyclist who gave me a bottle of Gatorade at mile 14.5. What a gent! He saw that the water fountain I was trying to fill at wasn’t functioning so he offered me his spare bottle. His shirt said “RoadDawgs” and they are a team I have drafted on the MS City to Shore ride before so a big “THANKS” to the anonymous rider. 

I was plagued with technical problems today. 

I forgot to charge my phone last night so had to delay my start by and hour to pick up some energy. Then my Bluetooth headphones refused to stay connected to my phone. Every 20 seconds they would disconnect. I tried everything to get them to work properly and ended up abandoning them at my car at mile 19. This is the second time that has happened with these headphones so I may have to return them. I seem to have no luck with Bluetooth tech and it is not like I’m hard on the equipment; I always keep them in their pouch. 

There were many cyclists out today and very few announced they were passing. Thanks to the four that did! 

The promised storm that I was hoping for never materialised so I ended up running in 75F temps with high humidity the whole time. Stupid weather. 

Anyway, I enjoyed the run despite giving up. I think it was a sensible decision to make given that I was heading out into the wilderness when I started to feel faint. 

The walk back to my car was relaxing and allowed me to write this article. 

Now to get some food, stretch and roll my muscles out. 


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