Big Wheels Keep on Turning

After my loooong run on Saturday I took a seven mile hike on Sunday morning to help loosen up my legs. Lots of hills and beautiful scenery climbing Mount Misery and Joy in Valley Forge National Historical Park. 

On Monday morning I went for a six mile run with my friend who ran into problems part way and we had to walk back. It was around 75F with crazy high humidity so walking was a nice option. My legs appreciated it too. 

Today is Tuesday and I took my freshly serviced road bike out for a quick spin before work. 15 miles of trails to Phoenixville and back was a lovely way to start the morning. 

I had my entire drive train updated and upgraded. New shoes, clip pedals, chain ring (36, 52), chain, gear cassette (11-28), and tyres (700x25C). 

I noticed that my shoes creak as the leather is starting to break in. They are my first road shoes that have carbon soles with no flex and the power transfer is very different to my previous shoes. 

  Bike Porn? 
On the way home tonight I managed to get up the monster hills in the big chainring still, no change there. It is easy to break 30mph on the flat now, too, assuming you can find a safe place to do this. 


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