Runs in the UK

Dear Blogosphere,

A quick running postcard from Cornwall, England. The weather here is perfect for running but not summer holiday material with temps in the 60s, high winds and occasional rain. 

The title of this article gives a hint at one of the problems I experienced while running the other day. Thank goodness for large leaves and an abundance of bushes. I still ran for a few more miles but felt very self-conscious. 

Today’s run was all about the hills around Weeks St. Mary. They are long and a bit of a struggle after a few lazy days. The village is small and scenic with a queue outside the village post office. It must also be one of the only places  in England that doesn’t have a village pub. 

The roads around where we are staying are all narrow single lanes with 9ft high bushes on either side so you don’t get many views and you have to keep you eyes and ears peeled for approaching vehicles.  

 Not a typical road but a lovely view!


2 thoughts on “Runs in the UK

  1. my26pointtwo

    I have also run in Cornwall, I have also had the runs in Cornwall. It must be all that lovely fresh air.


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