Intervals in the USA

After a quick trip to England to visit family and bring my wife and kids back to the U.S., I’m using my usual technique to adjust to the time difference; exercise. 

The morning after I returned I got up at 4:45 and headed out to meet my friend for our regular walk/run session. 

It is the start of a month so we have upped our intervals again. Previously we were doing 2:30 run with 2:00 walk. Now, we would have changed to 2:45 run and kept the walk at 2:00 but the mapmyrun app for Android that my friend uses currently has a bug that doesn’t allow any ‘seconds’ to be set for intervals! So we had to go to 3:00 run and 2:00 walk. Nice!

Sometimes I think it is good to have your hand forced to put in a little more effort, especially once you are in a state where your base fitness can cope with the additional exertion. 

The run went well and we (of course) set a route record of 1:08 for the 6.2 miles, with a strong negative split. 

With temps in the mid-60s we couldn’t have asked for better conditions, although there were a lot of spiders webs across the trail and we were covered by the end of the run.  

Something a bit like this, or am I being dramatic? 
The second day back now and I still crash a little in the afternoons but think that getting straight back into exercise really helps to get your body back in sync with the timezone. 


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