Running Hard

The temperature this morning was perfect for running. 64F with no humidity; who could ask for more?

I headed out nice and early and was keen to achieve a reverse-split time for the run (faster on the return than on the way out). I also wanted to check out my steps per minute as I hadn’t for a while. 

To do this check you just need to count the number of steps you take for a minute. Or count for thirty seconds and double the result… No rocket science here. 

The outbound run was strong and, as I rounded the curve back towards home at the 3.3 mile mark, I started my first step count. 188 steps per minute. Nice. That’s pretty close to the ideal of 180 preached by so many trainers. My outward average pace was 8:05. 

Two miles later I repeated the experiment and counted again. 192 steps per minute. Excellent. 

I think that knowing I was going to do this really helped me keep moving. By the end my average pace was 7:47, so clearly a faster return run. 

Success on both counts. 

The ride into work today was lovely and I really wanted just to keep on riding… It is a shame that we have to work for a living. 🙂


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