To Bike Commute or Not

Today’s early morning run with my friend, saw us setting yet another course record of 1:06:46 for 6.2 miles. 

While out I thought I’d check the number of steps per minute that my friend does. Turns out he is at 175 which is pretty darn close to the recommended 180. 

I also wore a long sleeved top this week to reduce the creepy feeling from all the spider webs across the riverside trail. Much better. I also covered myself in insect repellent but I’m not sure if that works for spiders! Anything to reduce the number of bites that I get each week. 

Later today I have a dentist appointment about 13 miles away from work so I was in two minds as to whether I should commute by bike today… In the end I chose to do it but the weather is now starting to look a little dubious. 

Hopefully I will not get drenched on the ride to the appointment. Riding home doesn’t bother me but I don’t want to have to sit in the surgery soaking wet for an hour. 

My legs are tired. Lots of running (21.8), cycling (26) and walking (1.5) over the last day. 


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