No Time to Update Blog

Sorry for the lack of updates but I ran out of time somehow. 

Monday’s ride to the dentist was excellent. Quite cool weather and a very generous chap at Donnie Mac’s Deli on 4th St in Conshy made for a great afternoon. The proprietor kindly gave me some soft pretzels for the ride home which were really tasty. I salute you, sir!

Wednesday I ran 5.5. 

Thursday I ran 6.5. 

And this morning I ran 3. It felt pleasant to have the week winding down as it drew to a close. That’ll give me time to prepare for a longer run at the weekend, although I am considering a bike ride on Sunday instead.

This week I am at 37.5 miles which is my longest for quite a while so I’m happy with that. 

I’ve been watching my weight for the last few weeks and I’ve already seen 3.5 pounds come off; all this in preparation for end of season runs and bike rides. 

I am using the LoseIt app to track my calories as it integrates to mapmyrun to pick up all my exercise data automatically. It also counts up my steps through Apple’s HealthKit. My favourite feature: scanning barcodes on foods rather than having to manually enter data. Such an improvement to the tool.  



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