Humid Morning Run

Stepping outside today was like getting into a steam room. My glasses immediately steamed up and I was sweating within seconds. 

That said, it was a beautiful morning and with starting at 5:15am is was truly dark. I had already broken out my running disco lights to make sure others see me although I could just about make out the road surface. 

I tried out a new app today: Polar Beat. It is from Polar, the makers of heartrate monitors and it focuses around tracking your heart rate zones. This is something I’ve been neglecting for a while but is also worth points for me on my company’s health scheme!

I’ve hooked up my Polar account to my Virgin Pulse account and that gets me extra points every time I complete a qualifying exercise. 

The points are far higher than you get for just doing the exercise so it’s worth the hassle of connecting it all up. 

The app is very good and is easy to use. It connected to my (non-polar) Bluetooth heart rate monitor very easily and has useful output about the amount of time in each zone.  

 As you can see above, cool clear graphics. Heart rate zone five is the top one in the bar graph. 

According to the device my average was 161 and my max was 202. It seems unlikely the max was that high and I would put that down to a glitch as I wasn’t running that hard. 

Any way, 5.05 miles run in 42 minutes for an 8:19 pace. Not super fast but at least I got out. 


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