Heart Zones

Now I’m training with a heart rate monitor again to win more points on my company’s healthcare scheme, I’m trying to focus on the heart rate zones that I’m training in. 

Initially I am using the zone levels recommended by the application but I may tune those as I gather more data about my current fitness. 

Yesterday I ran a new Devil’s Run (6.66 miles) from my office towards Collegeville in 77F with dripping humidity. It took me forty minutes to stop sweating afterwards! Crazy. 

Today I did a quick four miler and got the following HR results: 

 My average rate was 153 bpm and my max was 175 (which seems more reasonable than the 202 reported the other day). There are some parts of the run where it didn’t get any data. Not sure what happened there. 

I’m pretty sure my pace didn’t go under a five minute mile so there’s something funky on their graph!

The end of the week is nigh and I’m ready for a relaxing weekend. I hope you all have a good one. 

Oh, btw, the two year anniversary of this blog passed last week so thanks for reading. 


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