Preparing to Beat the Blerch

My wife and I are in the last stage traning for the Carnation, WA, half-marathon which is the next stop on my wife’s attempt to run a half in each State and the 22nd anniversary of us ‘hooking up’ (as per the modern parlance). 

I ran a 13.1 as a practice today at an easy pace with a reverse split. 8:07 pace on the way out and 7:57 by the end. 

My heart rate zones looked pretty good too with a max of 185 and average of 159.  

 There seem to be quite a few dropouts from the sensor but I think this was because I started the apps up in an odd order today. The data uploads from Polar Beat to Virgin Pulse have been working well and are maxing out the points for my company health plan quite nicely. It’s good when the tech works right! 

Lots of music for the run and My Chemical Romance certainly helped up the pace for he return run, although I did tear up (unexplainably) for “Cancer”.  The Bluetooth Backbeat Fit headphones have been behaving themselves for the last couple of weeks with no dropouts at all. 

On with the day… 


2 thoughts on “Preparing to Beat the Blerch

  1. neveradullbling

    I don’t live far from Carnation… are you guys doing this virtual or actually coming to Washington? I was just curious because I hadn’t heard of this one and I love the idea of a virtual race. Best of luck to you both!!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      We are actually coming to the race; flying from Philly. The race looks so much fun and had rave reviews last year. I think we spend more time travelling than actually there over the course of the weekend but it will be worth it…


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