Run/Walk Record

Nothing beats starting the week setting a new record on your training plan!

I went out yesterday morning with my friend for our regular training session and we did our standard 6.2 mile route as a run/walk with 3 minute run/2 minute walk intervals. 

The temperature was a lovely 62F and it was pitch dark at 5:30 when we started. 

However, we managed to set a new record for the route and completed in 1:05:19 which is a minute and 27 seconds faster than our previous best on that route. Nice!

We always aim to achieve a reverse split (faster on the way back) and do it by strictly following the interval timing on the way out and then extending the running pieces slightly on the way back. Generally we only extend by 20-30 seconds but that extra adds up. 

I think I may have nearly broken my friend though as we ran to the finish. For the last piece we basically ignored the last slow interval. 

I now wear long-sleeved tops to protect against the myriad spiders that try to catch us along the trail, plus cover myself with bug spray. No bites for the last two weeks so I’ll count that as a success.

Monday’s are so tiring for me as they start at 4:45am, run, then home to shower so I can cycle to work… I do a 1.5 mile walk at lunchtime, then cycle home again. By the time I hit the hay at 9:00pm I’m wrecked. 


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