Clearing Your Head

Sometimes I run for fitness. Today I ran in search of clarity. 

Life throws many difficulties in your path and running can offer time to reflect on them and try to resolve the myriad competing thoughts and noise; like finding a moving lane through a traffic jam. 

15 miles was not enough distance to mull it all over but I certainly feel better about things. Getting too close and caught up in life’s minutiae but forgetting to enjoy the bigger more important things in life is easy to slip into. But rise above it we must. 

On a more technical note, my HeartRate Monitor only seemed to capture half of my run today and I’m not sure what is causing the dropouts. I wonder if the battery needs to be replaced? It certainly can’t be a proximity thing as the devices are never more than a foot apart.  

 You can clearly see all the dropouts in the lower graph here, plus I ran for 2 hours 7 mins and this only tracks one hour and seven mins.  

 The longer intervals are where I ran up and over spring mountain on the Perkiomen Trail. (Miles 5 and 11). 

I saw one of my work colleagues out on his bike this morning too. It’s always good to see a friendly face while you are out there! 


One thought on “Clearing Your Head


    My Friend, If you are truly seeking some clarity of life’s situations, then go to the Lord in silence and humility. He can be truly found at an Adoration Chapel { St. Isaac Jogues } or in the silence of nature. Only Divine intervention will bring peace to a man-made problem. I am not saying that it is not helpful to free your mind from your problems through exercise, but difficult decisions need adequate reflection and silence so one can hear GOD’S voice.
    You are a highly competitive person, competing against yourself more than anyone else. Running , like cycling, takes a certain amount of concentration to avoid potholes, water, glass, sticks, autos, other people as well as the time when you get into the ” Zone ” when miles pass by like minutes. While cycling has certainly cleared my head often and made me physically feel better , for major decisions, I needed silence.
    This is just one man’s advice- take it for what it is worth. Good LUCK!! THE FLASH


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