Mile Update

The start of another month means I can check my tally of miles for the year. I’m trying to get to 1000 again this year which isn’t too much of a stretch. 

At the end of August I had reached 739.16 miles by adding just over 128 miles that month; this is the most I’ve run in a single month before so I’m quite pleased with that. It is also double what I ran in March! Cold, cold March. 

This week the heat and humidity has returned to the Philadelphia area and yesterday’s run at 5:30 am was already at 72F with high humidity. How high? In the walking intervals my glasses steamed up! It felt like I was watching the world through a 1970’s music video filter. (Cue: Queen). 

The run was tough because of this so we didn’t break any records but did 6.2 miles in 1:08. Not too bad. 

That early taste of Autumn last week was just a tease, it seems. 


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